The Hundley House, Carbondale



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Hundley House
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Michael OchsenbauerMichael Ochsenbauer
20:20 06 Sep 20
Joseph PrestJoseph Prest
22:00 04 Sep 20
phoenix jahnphoenix jahn
03:07 15 Aug 20
they did a good job with the attic.
Conrad KeeneConrad Keene
01:22 15 Aug 20
This is a perfectly balanced house with no ghosts. Absolutely astounding. The architecture is fantastic to walk around, perfectly great. The bathrooms are truly good. Great atmosphere. Amazing kitchen easily the best kitchen I have ever been in. The bullets holes from the murders simply astounding and make for a great piece of history. The house also provides an endless amounts of stories with its rich history. Its a really nice house all in all.
no nono no
00:30 18 Jul 20
MaryJ Wanna2MaryJ Wanna2
05:57 08 Feb 20
My theory is that the wealthy family murdered here may have been into moonshining given the time frame and their apprent wealth during a depression. Having shady associations would explain alot. The house is simply beautiful though.
It a old town marvel
Andre Brown JrAndre Brown Jr
03:49 26 Mar 13

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