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The Exorcist House
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Joseph FrisciaJoseph Friscia
16:34 19 Feb 24
I haven't been able to go at all because of my funds, and I don't know when I'll ever get to go, that hurts deep down. I always wanted to go to this house to go into it to experience it's past in 1949 when Ronald Edwin Hunkeler took up residency. and to see his bedroom and other things inside the house. I feel attached to this house and it's passed history.
Jim MooreJim Moore
17:13 12 Dec 23
Amanda HarrisAmanda Harris
20:55 05 Nov 23
Pretty much just a place you can drive by & look at. Super creepy vibes though. For hardcore horror & paranormal fans.
Sara HowardSara Howard
01:02 11 Oct 23
This is just some random family's house. Nobody spiderwalked down the stairs at me or insulted my mother. 0 Stars.
IamHeandHeisI NorsemenIamHeandHeisI Norsemen
15:59 06 Sep 23
If you like pea soup, come visit the Exorcist house.👍🤢👍
Truth Can HurtTruth Can Hurt
17:49 27 Aug 23's just a house. Any demonic activities were several years ago. Nothing has happened since. I've been there a couple time and talked with the current residents years ago. They said they were expecting their first child and planned on using the room as a nursery.
Katie HeptingKatie Hepting
01:22 13 Aug 23
Don’t let the name deceive you. I was pleased to find I would not be required to exercise during my visit.
Nicole ArmstrongNicole Armstrong
01:18 13 Aug 23
I’ve been here multiple times. Yet to experience a possession.
20:48 25 Jul 23
Cool to see but be respectful. People live there
Brad HellmannBrad Hellmann
22:32 30 Jun 23
i was possessed here, was great for my neck and back.. highly recommend
Gregory JennerGregory Jenner
22:19 25 Apr 23
Love the exorcist house. Love the history of it. Most of my family were alive at time on both my grandmother's and grandfather's side of the family when the whole exorcism thing took place back in 1949. Heard stories about it. Want try and visit it sometime around Halloween and feel the experience. I'm not scared of no demon. The demon should fear me.

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