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01:51 06 Apr 24
Great attention to detail in this fun, themed escape room experience.
Michael MorroneMichael Morrone
20:18 02 Mar 24
Tried the Blockbuster room. The aesthetics were fantastic; really nailed the look and feel of the room. One of the devices didn't work, but by then we were so far behind it wouldn't have mattered. This room has too many locks, and is too linear to complete. Employee stated only 3 groups have ever completed it.
Stephani FigueroaStephani Figueroa
13:30 25 Feb 24
The room was awesome, very well designed. Overall set up was really cool. The 3 star review is for a few reasons. First the broken radio which cost us time in solving clues (we were not given the time back), second reason was due to the staff giving us clues to things we already solved again thereby wasting a hint and time, third the room was uncomfortably warm which we mentioned several times but it was not adjusted and lastly it is never a good sign when the employees have different answers to the question “is this a linear room”. I might be up for another attempt at this location. Staff was friendly, facility was clean, games did start on time.
Cori RizmanCori Rizman
13:23 08 Feb 24
SO MUCH FUN!!! Have been twice and loved it both times. Great way to connect with your friends, family, or colleagues for a team building experience. Thought provoking and engaging. The staff have been great at helping with clues (especially with the kids at harder level rooms). Special thanks to Xena in Palatine for helping make my daughter’s 14th bday celebration a massive success! I hope they add more rooms in Palatine!👍
Matthew AllisonMatthew Allison
21:07 14 Jan 24
Danucha BrikshavanaDanucha Brikshavana
20:25 23 Dec 23
Did the True Crime and Beetlejuice rooms. Fun rooms and great staff.
jordan jjordan j
12:52 06 Nov 23
Blockbuster and Beetlejuice were fun, we were sooo close both times. Its fun rooms last about an hr
Scott TScott T
22:13 14 Aug 23
Josue AntivirusJosue Antivirus
01:49 09 Jul 23
Had a great time with my friends here. Very creative escape room, definitely recommend podcast killer, Bella was also very nice and helpful 5 out of 5 stars
Connie RomeroConnie Romero
01:45 09 Jul 23
So much fun!! Bella was awesome and very helpful:) highly recommend
Shannon CoreyShannon Corey
03:11 08 Jul 23
The true crime podcast room was GREAT. We didn’t escape - it was pretty difficult even with generous clues from the staff. We had a lot of fun though, we’d absolutely go back!
Larry MannoLarry Manno
01:32 08 Jul 23
True Crime: Podcast Killer was an amazing game! The puzzles were very unique and cleverly designed. We look forward to returning to the Palatine location once additional rooms are built.
Jackeline JaimesJackeline Jaimes
19:10 01 Jul 23
After doing so many rooms in Hoffman and Addison, we finally got to Palatine! True Crime is amazing, highly recommend. Can’t wait for more rooms!!
Kaya AKaya A
18:56 01 Jul 23
OMG!!! True Crime Escape was a combination of suspense, thriller and everything you would expect in a great escape room! Glad Panic Opened another location here in Palatine!!! ❤️

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