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James KralJames Kral
02:42 19 Apr 24
Played the Saw escape room today and had an awesome experience! Sam and Mike were great hosts and I will definitely be back for the Conjuring room soon! Thank you!!!!!
Fabulosity SeshFabulosity Sesh
02:40 10 Apr 24
I did the Saw room with two other people and got through the first room but not the second room. Did not think it was worth $140 for three people for an hour. Some of it was kind of korny and other parts were creative. Not my thing.
J AielloJ Aiello
14:52 07 Apr 24
First time at an escape room. We had a group of 9 who did the Arkham Asylum room. It was the hardest difficulty and we succeed with 13 seconds to spare. The confines were a little tight with the larger group but it was VERY challenging. The clues were pretty good and it was very creative. Bought off Groupon and would go back.
Catalina VueCatalina Vue
03:56 28 Mar 24
Eva did such an amazing job. She made our experience worth it! I highly recommend to go with a group of people. We had so much fun and WE WON!!!!
Maria MedinaMaria Medina
23:08 02 Mar 24
It's fun, exciting, intense, and everything else. I recommend it if you want to have a good time.
Stephanie GibbonsStephanie Gibbons
08:49 02 Mar 24
I really enjoy this place!! This is my second time going here. Sam the manager, is a little ball of joy and was super accommodating. We did the conjuring one and it was pretty tricky but we still won. Will definitely be back!!
Miguel GomezMiguel Gomez
19:29 25 Feb 24
jen jdjen jd
03:51 25 Feb 24
We did the saw one so cool.We will be back we were so close to getting out 😃No complaints rules were easy to understand and the game was fun.Definitely recommend trying it with 4peopleWe completed 85% for just 2 adults and one child we did good heck yeah
Cristian LockeCristian Locke
03:18 23 Feb 24
The best rooms!! Harry Potter is my favorite 🧙
Angie SAngie S
05:48 07 Feb 24
My friend and our two 9 year olds came here with a groupon, our first time doing an escape room with our kiddos. GREAT time and our boys loved it so much we had to sign up for a second escape room after our first. We did the The Matrix and the Game Room, both were great and age appropriate for our boys. Highly recommend!!
lester palmianolester palmiano
03:48 29 Jan 24
Absolutely wonderful! Conjuring is a must with the scares. They got us rattled a couple times we couldn't get the last clue. Great clues and rooms! Our group of 8 mixtures of 20 y/o's, a teenager, and 40 y/o's loved it so much we can't stop talking about it. Gotta give it up for the staff (Sunday afternoon crew) for being on top of the game from pre-game, during game, and post! Great job!
James JacksonJames Jackson
03:33 28 Jan 24
It was fun and very challenging
Celeste DelgadoCeleste Delgado
01:06 16 Jan 24
My family did Hogwarts: Dormi Cito. It was so much fun and a nice challenge! The staff was quick and friendly, especially fast with giving us clues. We were able to escape with less than a minute left lol. Would definitely go do another room!
Amina HrysykAmina Hrysyk
17:14 09 Jan 24
Jimmy GJimmy G
03:28 05 Jan 24
Did the saw and conjuring room! Both were great and challenging. The blonde manager was very welcoming and made sure our experience was smooth!! Would reccommend.
Penny VeneriPenny Veneri
21:14 04 Jan 24
I have done every escape room in all the locations and I have never been anywhere better! Will definitely be returning when new rooms come out :)
lani br3aksbonezlani br3aksbonez
21:12 04 Jan 24
This place was a fun experience, had a lot of fun we did conjuring which was super scary and fun
Jackeline JaimesJackeline Jaimes
20:37 04 Jan 24
I just had to come back to finish another room! Amazing rooms and great staff! The staff were very helpful and so friendly! Most definitely will be back ☺️☺️
Tegan DoneganTegan Donegan
20:34 04 Jan 24
The conjuring room was amazing! they really go the extra mile to make you feel truly immersed giving you the option for scares to make it feel like your own haunted house!
Brandon LicuananBrandon Licuanan
15:57 31 Oct 23
My significant other and I did the Cold Case: Amnesia room last weekend. This room was listed on the website with the “Novice” difficulty, and as this was my significant other’s 2nd escape room ever (failed our first one), we wanted a chill and easier run this time around.Upon arriving, I was surprised when one of the employees told us, “Cold case? That’s one of our hardest rooms!” I explained that we booked the room because it said “novice” on the website. The employee replied, “oh, they should really update that.”The production of the room itself was fairly impressive and immersive to my assessment. However, our experience was dampened due to the obnoxiously loud jump-scare sounds that were clearly audible in our room, despite being intended for the “Saw”-themed room across the hallway. The sounds startled us constantly and gave us anxiety; I intentionally booked a room that I thought to be chill and without jump-scares.There came a point in the game where the gamemaster communicated with us via typing on the screen. He saw that we were stuck on a clue. Turns out, he had to enter our room and physically hand us a crucial prop for the room that was supposed to be there, but wasn’t.Finally, my biggest complaints were in the last 10 minutes of our room experience. It seemed that we had a change in gamemaster perhaps, because it seemed like we were no longer being monitored. We were trying to ask for another clue, and it took 2-3 whole crucial minutes of yelling out and waving our arms before finally receiving an interaction from a staff member.I am annoyed to say that the clue we were given was not even helpful to us. The clue that was given to us was apparently for the step beyond where we actually were in the room. (Speciffically: use the pictures on top of the briefcase!) however, we didn’t even have a briefcase yet. We wasted a few more minutes searching the room again for a briefcase that we might have missed. This new gamemaster was not responsive to us or helpful, but was very quick to hand us a “we lost” sign immediately as the time hit 0.I believe we had a good shot of actually completing this room, but were actively hindered by inadequate help from staff. Definitely a sour experience.I wouldn’t return to this facility unless there was a really good Groupon deal.
Ruchi MehtaRuchi Mehta
03:51 07 Oct 23
Great experience. We went to Amnesia I wish they had unlimited hints for beginners considering the cost of game.Overall a great experience.
cameron hinzcameron hinz
20:20 16 Sep 23
This place is the best escape room I’ve been to and it was so good we had to do another one while we were here, it was challenging but also very fun, the hostess was amazing too, very kind.
Ravi MakawanaRavi Makawana
05:15 04 Sep 23
Brittany OrtegaBrittany Ortega
20:52 16 Aug 23
Loved it!!!! Never did one before, perfect for beginners! The clues were very helpful and the guy that got us set up was awesome! 10/10! Would totally go back.
Miguel BautistaMiguel Bautista
03:50 13 Aug 23
Aug 12 was our 3rd time going. We did The Conjuring, Arkam Asylum, and Harry Potter. The people there are always nice. Will definitely go again.
Jordan CouchJordan Couch
14:06 20 Jul 23
Me and my group did Arkham asylum and though the puzzles were fun and there was a ton I mean a ton to do. we got to one of the last puzzles with 5 minutes left and on a safe that said we had 2 attempts and after that it would lock out, we entered one code and it locked out making us fail. on top of the the puzzle said enter a code then press B, the thing was there was no B and the game master said we were suppose to press the pound button. If it was not for that error in the room my group would have made it out. We tried to contact the game master while this was happening and they just sent us the code we already had and after we said we had that code they sent us a clue for the last puzzle that couldn’t be done without opening the safe. I wouldn’t right panic escape rooms off because of this though because the rooms at the Addison location were good.
Yesenia AvilaYesenia Avila
17:30 16 Jul 23
I have been at this location now for 4 times now and have enjoyed all of them. Some were even spooky but was so enjoyable to do even if we didn't win. There is a staff member there with long hair that is amazing and kind with us. We are planning on coming back very soon .. tomorrow lol and can't wait to do more.
Antje SpadeAntje Spade
22:21 26 Apr 23
The new Hogwarts-themed room was so much fun! Very tight space, so I wouldn't really recommend more than 6 players, but lots of fun clues to find and well done with the theme.We made it out with 2 minutes to spare 😁
Ashley WilsonAshley Wilson
15:27 03 Apr 23
We did Arkham Asylum with a large group of 11. Would not recommend for a large group due to space. Puzzles were fun & varied. We had an issue during our game & the management & owner were quick to resolve the issue to our satisfaction.
Liz StrikLiz Strik
13:03 27 Mar 23
We had an amazing time! This was a last-minute event for my son's birthday. The room was challenging but solvable. When the attendant heard it was my son's birthday, they gave him a shirt. We loved it so much we stayed for a second room. While we waited, the kids played in the arcade that was associated with Panic. The front deck attendant was so friendly. I just wanted to chill with her for the rest of the night. We are definitely going back.

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