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Nicholas OblaznyNicholas Oblazny
22:51 03 Mar 24
Great haunted house, fair prices
Nicholas HamannNicholas Hamann
23:58 25 Feb 24
Azazel PiechurAzazel Piechur
01:21 12 Feb 24
1st time there during the "LOVE Sucks" Valetines event on February 10th, 2024.Absolutely the best experience ever had at any haunt. I even decided to go through a second time. The experience was different both times but excellent both times.Noticed tons of guest actors / actresses there from other haunts that all came together to make one superb event.There are so many actors / actresses there. It seemed there were 2 or more actors / actresses in each room tag teaming up feeding off each other.Sets were well done, and tons of huge animatronics. You can tell the theme of each area. Love the use of authentic scenery.
Emily SEmily S
19:03 11 Feb 24
Had a great time at the Valentine's event. Everyone working there made it a safe and super fun event. We will be back.
Gray ValentineGray Valentine
16:35 11 Feb 24
Me and my Stepmom loved this! We had so much fun and we're so scared. The actors were so good and they had so many sections for all different things!
Michelle FranciscoMichelle Francisco
03:25 11 Feb 24
Constantly seeking out Haunted houses with the family. Truly THE BEST haunted house! Don't miss this amazing experience!
Emily TrammellEmily Trammell
19:57 27 Dec 23
Jack QuantockJack Quantock
05:16 17 Dec 23
trinity Silvermantrinity Silverman
03:22 17 Dec 23
Chris HChris H
02:20 17 Dec 23
Great haunt. Christmas haunt was well made and put together. They change seasons quickly. Will be back over 2 hr trip
Ashley ChurchAshley Church
02:17 17 Dec 23
Absolutely incredible!!! Great time as ALWAYS!!! Can’t wait to come back. Incredible scenes and very interactive characters. Always impresses
Jennifer WagnerJennifer Wagner
01:49 17 Dec 23
Lots of fun for the Christmas one! Loved the swamp scene!
Jeff WillseaJeff Willsea
23:04 13 Nov 23
A FANTASTIC experience. Just be aware that there is very loud music in the long waiting line and there are not earplugs available, even when you ask. So if you have sensitive hearing, bring your own hearing protection.
Alisa SkripnikovaAlisa Skripnikova
12:59 08 Nov 23
If you purchase tickets AND pay the extra refund fee, and it so happens that some sort of crisis comes up, try as you might, they will not refund smack unless someone is either dead or hospitalized. I've gone a whole week of calling their third party and Protecht to no avail. Next call will be to my bank. *I filed a dispute and had it reversed. After about two weeks, they reclaimed everything including the extra refund fee I paid to have refund protection. Crooks! This is a dishonest, dishonorable company. They stole my money for nothing.
Julie GabreleskiJulie Gabreleski
21:22 06 Nov 23
Joseph SmithJoseph Smith
03:40 05 Nov 23
Was fun
hockey goaliehockey goalie
03:39 05 Nov 23
Heather BonillaHeather Bonilla
22:59 10 Oct 23
One of the best haunted houses I’ve been to. Illinois and Texas. The actors, makeup, scenery everything. My kids loved it. The disconnection of rooms and activities was great. Long and worth it
Tarik HusseiniTarik Husseini
13:33 09 Oct 23
Excellent actors. Some of the best Haunted House actors I've seen. Makes a huge difference. Also, they do a great job of spacing. Great job guys, it was a blast!
BitterestOne 250BitterestOne 250
03:23 09 Oct 23
so fun so scary
Gaby MedranoGaby Medrano
03:07 09 Oct 23
22:41 21 Jul 23
Brandon WinterBrandon Winter
16:59 13 Jul 23
Chris JamesChris James
19:13 17 Feb 23
Troideah RingerTroideah Ringer
04:53 12 Feb 23
We went for the Valentine Haunted House. The theme is not Valentine like other places. The kids enjoyed themselves and the staff was very helpful.
Natalie BartosNatalie Bartos
21:47 17 Dec 22
Christmas haunt is awesome ! Actors have a lot of creative, fun energy! Not what you’d expect, be careful bringing children who are naughty. Krampus may be hiding within the haunt. Save the kidnapped child if you dare.
Emily CoventryEmily Coventry
02:12 30 Oct 22
Waiting in line was fun in itself! All the actors coming through scaring and chatting with you was a great time. But the main even was awesome! Will be coming back again soon! I recommend bringing all your friends and family here!
Kelly StevensKelly Stevens
02:27 23 Oct 22
I would literally give this haunted house a 100 stars if it would let me. The rooms were very well put together, very talented with extremely real looking props. The jump scares were great and I never expected it because of the real looking props you forget about actors and boom they scare you....IT WAS GREAT. We all had a blast. The staff here is absolutely fantastic and super awesome. If the owners reads this KUDOS 👏 this is the best haunted house I have been too from start to finish my experience was fantastic.HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS HAUNTED HOUSE. ENTER IF YOU DARE 😊
Charlene CoulombeCharlene Coulombe
14:30 09 Oct 22
I attended recently on my 65th birthday. I went with friends and my nephew who use to come with me for years back in my younger years. It was awesome! I definitely recommend the VIP pass. The actors, special effects and rooms were out of this world. Such attention to detail. Great experience. I highly reccomend!
Rob MessinaRob Messina
04:09 10 Oct 21
This is hands down the best haunted house I have ever been to. Great sets and the actors here go all out! I was very impressed by all the sets and the detail put into every single one. It took around 40 minutes to go through the entire house. It doesn't look like much from the outside but don't let that fool you. This is a must see if you are into haunted houses!

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