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stephanie haystephanie hay
20:50 01 Apr 24
Barbara yisleyBarbara yisley
23:13 15 Nov 23
I loved that place, it was a wonderful experience although because of the long line I couldn't enjoy all the games even having bought the complete combo, but I do recommend it to everyone
Yonisbel GonzalesYonisbel Gonzales
14:04 09 Nov 23
Jessica CardenasJessica Cardenas
11:48 05 Nov 23
Stephanie SharpStephanie Sharp
03:35 05 Nov 23
The haunted house was one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve had in a long time! Definitely worth going to see for yourself
Lisy MarinLisy Marin
00:19 05 Nov 23
It is the best of the best I recommend it
amber kittleamber kittle
02:43 03 Nov 23
This would only be worth it if the tickets were 1/4 of the price. Super short haunted house and the bar only had a beer and wine license. Way better bang for your buck at 13th floor
Maria CaballeroMaria Caballero
00:38 02 Nov 23
I love it very scary and the escape room lady's where the best 🥰
Paul WhitePaul White
19:31 02 Oct 23
Awesome attraction this is a real haunted house not some Disney walk through. Recommend going on a Friday or Saturday when they have the live DJ, makes for a nice party atmosphere in the queue line. The paintball shooting gallery is pretty cool. The axe throwing is a lot harder than it looks and is absolutely addictive. Only cons were the $5 for parking and Houston's weather in late September. Next year I'm going to wait till closer to Halloween when things cool off a bit. The lines were minimal we only wait in line for about 10 minutes. Though I'm sure it won't be like that as Halloween gets closer. Lots of fun for the whole family.
Navian GardeaNavian Gardea
03:20 01 Oct 23
I like it I was fun and funny and scary
Keith MatthewsKeith Matthews
02:50 01 Oct 23
Landon SchumacherLandon Schumacher
02:50 01 Oct 23
Kirsten FreitasKirsten Freitas
02:50 01 Oct 23
Luis CardenasLuis Cardenas
04:40 08 Aug 23
It was a nice haunted house to go to although there we're two people fist fighting holding beers right at the end of it. The line was pretty long , but the set designs we're good. All in all I had a good experience.
Qimar AlfasiQimar Alfasi
17:22 10 Nov 22
I wouldn't spend another $30 at this place again. But it was a nice experience.
03:17 07 Nov 22
The WORST haunted house in Texas. Don't pay extra to skip the line. Bc it wasn't one! We paid $5 for parking and it was extremely muddy and uneven. Water puddles everywhere. It was 30 minutes of talking and 10 minutes of haunted house. People had small kids and they weren't scared either. The staff was nice but it's a waste on $35 plus tax. The games are cheap carnival games in 2 separate tents. Hardly looked appealing. Go to 13th floor they're scarier and it's cheaper and worth the more $20!!! We read the reviews before we went and I can't believe they even have 1 star much less 4.5!!!! Worst haunted house ever!!! Don't waste your time I promise!!
Mariana GarzaMariana Garza
22:20 05 Nov 22
Affordable and a good time
Ann KnowsAnn Knows
20:52 05 Nov 22
An hour and a half wait on a Sunday night but one of the better Halloween attractions unless you're going to Screams in the Dallas area. The only thing that was bad were the other customers. Obnoxious idiots that have no self awareness, quite a few women in 3 inch strappy heals- don't get behind them they trip and fall, a few annoying drunk people that ruin any scares. But the wait is long because they KNOW how to space out groups. That's what ruins most of the haunted houses. If you're stuck in a group with fools you can still hang back a bit and enjoy it. That's what some of our group did. The props looked great. There was a dj while you wait and a woman dancing on a stage where the lines centers around. Which was odd when there was a 10 year old right next to me looking like what the hell is going on. I'd nix the DJ and dancing and do some other entertainment. It's not a club and nobody wants to go to a club with children and teens. Magicians, contortionists, something spooky and relevant. There were a lot of kids and tweens there. Once you're in it's about 20-25 mins. They put a lot into it and it shows. Wear comfy shoes and don't bring young children. Two guys were fighting to not go into one room first. One women refused to go into a room and they were looking for an alternate exit. We enjoyed it and felt it was worth the long wait in line and price.
Priscilla SPriscilla S
20:30 23 Oct 22
I really enjoyed it. Had fun with the family.Pretty scary .I really likes the 3D! That' was really cool, they give you 3D glasses. && 35$ got us like 4 different activities. So for 3 of Us was 115. 2 adults and and a 13 year old. & Parking was easy, plenty of space. 5$ for parking.
Corynna HardyCorynna Hardy
16:32 18 Oct 22
Straight up, this was a blast! My husband found it last minute and we were pleasantly surprised!! The props were great, the employees had some dope costumes on and they did a great job scaring people who weren't paying attention. They got me a few times lmao..the haunted house was terrifying!!! It had some fantastic details that we hadn't seen before, and the games were fun too! Go check it out this weekend for your date-night or even with the kids, but I wouldn't take any under the age of 10.
Mun3ca SegoviaMun3ca Segovia
10:28 18 Oct 22
30 min walk thru. Went on a Sunday so we didn't have long lines. Also they don't have the DJ or dancers on Sundays but costume walkers are around scaring. The selfish alley is cute. The activities are fun. Wish they had more food options. Beer & wine based drinks.
Sarah ShinSarah Shin
05:26 27 Oct 19
VIP tickets are worth the price. Comparably the line shortens faster. The music and effects on the waiting line is entertaining. The house has multiple themes and one of coolest effects. It was not ordinary Haunted house that I was thinking of. Wish it was bit longer. Even though when I am inside I wanted to get out as soon as possible.

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