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Lisa MeierLisa Meier
11:03 11 Jul 24
We had a very informative tour of the Jenny Wade house. Rick was a great tour guide. What i really enjoyed about the tour is that is was a history ghost tour. There were equal parts history and ghosts. Therefore, whether you believe in ghosts or not, it was a great tour either way. I highly recommend this tour.
Nathan ReiglesNathan Reigles
05:22 08 Jul 24
Kim SpragueKim Sprague
20:09 07 Jul 24
The bus tour was Not at all what was expected. All the ghost stories were folklore and didn’t give much history of Gettysburg. Unorganized…started grouped together with our party of 5 sitting together but at each stop we got split up on the bus because people kept changing seats. People wandered off at the stops so we had to sit and wait for them to come back.
Betty JurayBetty Juray
11:04 07 Jul 24
Did the late night combo tour with Maria and she was absolutely amazing!! Her story telling was top notch. Definitely need to go again
22:35 05 Jul 24
I went for the night tour. Very nice history and definitely spooky. Took some photos and a blue orb was in them. Ghost? Who knows. Nice place to learn about Gettysburg and ghosts.
Lisa HeilmanLisa Heilman
13:57 12 Jun 24
We took our granddaughters (10 & 12) on the orphanage ghost tour and they were absolutely enthralled with the experience! Our tour guide, Mike, did an amazing job (in character as the town undertaker) explaining life in those days and giving us the history of the area and orphanage and putting you in the shoes of the children forced to live there and their mothers, forced to give them up. We would ALL highly recommend you try to take the tour with Mike!Lisa H-Robesonia, PA
vince martzvince martz
12:50 12 Jun 24
😜 awesome
carlos felicianocarlos feliciano
04:47 08 Jun 24
Gone 4 times. Three times to the orphanage and twice to jenny wade. Twice was with the undertaker. We booked tonight to see him but her called off they said. Should have asked to postpone till he's there. Tonight's wasn't to enjoyable. Felt rushed. Might try a different company next tour. But any time with Mike the undertaker is well worth it
Josh GoodinJosh Goodin
22:16 03 Jun 24
Did a Jenny Wade tour with Rachel and had a fantastic time. I've been in the Jenny Wade House before, but after dark the energy was definitely different. My girlfriend put her finger in the bullet hole so now I'm on the spot and have to propose. To balance that out, something touched her elbow in the upstairs bedroom. That was a cool experience for me, not so much for her. Anyway, went back to Gettysburg the next weekend to do the orphanage tour with Mike. Nothing happened on this tour, but Mike is a fantastic storyteller. Will be back to try again
Mariane FrappierMariane Frappier
21:09 02 Jun 24
The visit look really nice with all those positive comment I brook a visit to this place I try it and it was really interesting our guide was really cool and history very scary I recomend to try it and I will Go do an other visit next week-end
Jason TaylorJason Taylor
22:33 28 Apr 24
We toured the Ginnie Wade House on a Saturday at 9:00 PM. Our tour guide, Rachel, started the tour by walking us over to Cemetery Hill to provide context about the battle and tell a spooky tale about the Belle of Baltimore. A quick jaunt over to the Wade House, we saw the exterior of the home, that from the outside appeared to be quite small, but as we explored the inside of the house, it was larger than we thought. Rachel did a good job of explaining the events of the battle, providing context for everyone (we had 2 kids with us, 10 and 5), that kept everyone’s attention. Unexplained events that had taken place in each room were shared, with emphasis on certain objects, mirrors, clocks, and other items. Pictures were encouraged in groups of 3 to capture anything later.While we did not personally experience anything I could attribute to the paranormal, the tour was most well done. We even got to experience “lights out” in the cellar. For those who believe in spirits, you understand they aren’t performers and not every tour yields an experience. Regardless, the tour was quite enjoyable just to learn about Ms. Wade.They do have earlier tours, but going after the sun has set was definitely the better time for the month of April.
Judy MarvinJudy Marvin
18:40 26 Apr 24
My hubby and niece and I had Mike as our tour guide for the Jenny Wade House and Orphanage night tour! Awesome! I only wished I had someone take a picture of me in the basement because with the stomach ache I got....I must have had a lap full of kids on me! Thanks Mike!I posted a couple of pictures...I did not think black reflected light??? Do you see something on Mike's pants??? A hand? An image??
Diana FiorucciDiana Fiorucci
02:58 26 Apr 24
Took the orphanage tour with Tom two days ago. He was great! Very interesting and creepy
Dawn BeckDawn Beck
01:17 24 Apr 24
Great experience with Tom as our tour guide he made it fun a day interesting!
Katie SundquistKatie Sundquist
04:11 20 Apr 24
Took the orphanage tour this evening with a fabulous tour guide named Maria. My son, my niece and I all thought she told the creepy tales and history of the place so well, very informative and answered everyone’s questions very well. When we walked out back some fog and mist rolled in adding for a very creepy vibe. Will definitely be back for another tour in the future and hopefully we get her as our tour guide again.
Roberto VCRoberto VC
01:54 08 Apr 24
Fred HaasFred Haas
10:26 03 Apr 24
We did the orphanage and the Jenny wade house Tom was our tour guide for the orphanage that was a ghost tour will definitely go back only seen half of what we wanted to see
Zero AxisZero Axis
00:56 24 Mar 24
Chris did an amazing job as Ms Rosa. Great storytelling in an eerie and somber setting. Definitely advise checking out the orphanage!
Taylor BlackTaylor Black
04:03 17 Mar 24
Had Mike as our tour guide for our tour tonight and he was very entertaining! You can tell he is passionate about what he does. The orphan tour was probably the best. If you ever get Mike for your haunted tours, you are very lucky! I hope to have him again next time!
Heidi WildHeidi Wild
12:40 20 Feb 24
16:02 06 Dec 23
Ghostly Images is one of many ghost tours in the town of Gettysburg. This ghost tour is my favorite out of all of them. They're unique and really put a lot of effort and heart into the history of these places. I been on many ghost tours with Ghostly Images but the most recent one was my favorite. The tour my son and I did was at the Jennie Wade House. The tour guide Rachael did an amazing tour telling stories on the history of Jennie Wade and the haunts that happen at the home. She had even shared some stories about the paranormal and the history that I had never heard before which to me was great information. I did have an experience in the basement of the home that actually went along with one of the tour guides stories. Overall the tour was fantastic and I can't wait to come back again for another. Thank you Ghostly Images!
ricky gonzalezricky gonzalez
01:15 18 Nov 23
Josie AloiJosie Aloi
03:32 04 Nov 23
Did our tour with mike. Loved the storytelling. He definitely kept me interested. This is the first time i have done a tour and i would do it again. What a thrilling evening!
Steve BangeSteve Bange
18:39 31 Oct 23
What a hauntingly great time we all had! Allie did a scaringly good tour and left us all informed and frightened.
Soncy HancockSoncy Hancock
00:10 30 Oct 23
Loved the late night Haunted Orphanage tour and Jennie Wade house tour. The tour guides were friendly and ours made it truly terrifying. WE LOVED IT!!!!
Lizzy JorisLizzy Joris
01:41 29 Oct 23
Mike was awesome!My boyfriend was very impressed with him so that's really saying something! You can tell mike really enjoys what he is doing! His story telling and his sense of humor is morbid just like mine! Great job mike! We really enjoyed the tour!
Kristen CoghlanKristen Coghlan
02:49 15 Oct 23
Mike was a great tour guide, very authentic and you can tell he cares about the town and true facts of things that happened here following the tour!! 100% recommend and if you get Mike, consider yourself lucky!
Ricky BobbyRicky Bobby
05:22 14 Oct 23
Great experience at the Jennie wade house and the orphanage. Tom was a great guide and was very fun. Told many interesting story’s and provided a lot of detail on certain parts. Would love to go again
Jamie KrouseJamie Krouse
02:36 08 Oct 23
Allie was fantastic, especially for it being her first season! You can tell she really loves what she does, was engaging with individuals and the group, and kept us fascinated the whole time. Would recommend.
Venuslan SakuraVenuslan Sakura
03:32 02 Oct 23
We are totally amazed and following paranormal files, along with other you tubers and ghost adventure. We are really happy to share our experience especially with Tom who has been with those paranormal investigators as well. The tour information history and just his beautiful personality ,compassion and just the love in his heart for all this paranormal and respect is amazing. Thank you so much by the way when I spoke about paranormal files and asked Mr. Tom in reference to Colin Browen paranormal investigator the cat ball went off lol totally acknowledgement for the ppl and those whom investigate and it was down in the basement. Omg... I was truly amazed and happy to know that the energies are responding and remember all of us. Thank you thank you and all respects to you and all the latest you guys do and do for us. . Totally 115 percent of all. I have some pics to share from the Jennie wade house as well orbs , and a face right on side of curtain next to the mirror basinet more active first floor than on 2 floor but that face though.
Kari AponteKari Aponte
22:19 30 Sep 23
Went last night and had a wonderful experience. I was afraid it would be corny (as some of these things can be) but it was informative and genuinely creepy on its own. The tour guide, I think his name was Tom, made it the best time. There were a couple times where we used an EVP recorder but it never caught anything. However, that made me appreciate it even more because I was expecting them to play a prerecorded sound just to impress the group. I would recommend this to anyone visiting.
Harry FreemanHarry Freeman
12:50 01 Sep 23
The orphanage tour was great!
Angela CuozzoAngela Cuozzo
01:03 17 Aug 23
Christina was amazing and engaging. She kept our scout troop on the edge of their seats.
Katelyn HansomKatelyn Hansom
02:08 15 Aug 23
We toured the haunted orphange with Mike and the Jennie Wade house with Brian. Mike was a fantastic story teller and Brian let us use his ghost hunting equipment. Great tours and great guides. Would definitely recommend!
14:13 08 Aug 23
This is just from walking in during the day. It's a cool place to go and get some gifts but from what I hear it's better at night. At night you're able to do their haunted tour. That's probably what you're looking for so stop by at night and see if it tingles the hair on the back of your neck.
Amanda ThomanAmanda Thoman
04:11 05 Aug 23
Toured the orphanage tonight for the 2nd time and had Maria as our tour guide both times. She’s awesome and very knowledgeable.
Dawn CraigDawn Craig
05:04 16 Jul 23
We did the night tour of the Jennie Wade House and the Orphanage. The guides were personable and very knowledgeable about the locations and Gettysburg itself. Price was reasonable too! Would definitely book again when we come back for our next visit!Below is a video of Jennie Wade house in the basement.
Tara CookTara Cook
02:58 16 Jul 23
We did the Jennie Wade tour, Rachel was our tour guide and she was wonderful! She was very entertaining, knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor. I learned a lot and got to see some really great pieces of history. And it was very creepy being in the actual home Jennie Wade died in. I highly recommend this tour!
Samuel WangSamuel Wang
23:08 05 Jul 23
I know this isn't TripAdvisor but taking the 10 to Midnight Haunted Joint-Jennie Wade House and Haunted Orphanage Ghost Tour with our fantastic guide Mike the Gravedigger (his words not others) was the best because his ghostly tales are very informative, factual, truthful, and historical 💯⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💯
19:05 24 Apr 23
First time going here but not the first time in Gettysburg. The tour itself was cool. Guide was informative and down to earth . My wife noticed something in one of my photos I don't see a thing 🤔
Giovanna KGiovanna K
21:48 20 Aug 21
Great tour. Our guide really got into the role of James wade. We did the Jennie wade house. Definitely pre-book ahead they book up quickly. We wanted to do the orphanage tour.

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