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Jonathon ThomasJonathon Thomas
03:36 01 Nov 23
Great experience! Very scary and equally believable! Loved the actors and they stayed in character and made the overall experience memorable! I would cut the chain saw…although scary, the smell made it difficult to breathe!
Jeff BunagJeff Bunag
03:33 30 Oct 23
Great actors! Rooms and props top notch! Great haunt!!
David HueDavid Hue
15:46 29 Oct 23
Great experience! Every corner was decorated and thematic, lots of intricate details that tell a story and aren’t simply creepy. Actors were perfectly in your face but not over the top.
Catalina CastañedaCatalina Castañeda
12:15 29 Oct 23
The line was very long, we waited 2 hours and we did the tour of the house in 30 minutes. For me it was fun but for the other people I was with, the 2 hour wait was not completely compensated by the experience of the house.
s as a
03:12 29 Oct 23
We waited for over an hour and half, but the scenes were good and the actors were scary. However is was SO busy that we ran into the people ahead of us and the people behind us caught up. It was a train of people walking through, it would have been way scarier if it wasn’t for that.
Patrick HastingsPatrick Hastings
04:45 29 Oct 22
Worst experience at a haunted house. Was an assembly line that felt cramped and ruined the atmosphere. No line control, had people in front and back of us breathing down our necks. 0/10 experience. Had more fun in line than the attraction
Dan HDan H
03:18 16 Oct 21
Edit: Back again in 2021 🎃. First Haunt in 2020. Went twice in 2018. They completely changed the Entire Haunt. Every worker & scare actor was beyond friendly & creepy ;) Evil Intentions is one of the best Haunts near NWI. Worth the 60+ min drive. Cant wait to visit again in 2021. They are very safe in regards to masks and social distancing. The online tickets time frame system works Great. Parking lot right across the street. Workers explained all the new safety guidelines. It didnt hurt the Haunt experience at all. Im an ex 9 yr scare actor. And Evil Intentions is always fun & very impressive. From costumes to set designs to props. Discount code Evil5. $30 30 min Haunt. Awesome 🎃🎃🎃‼️
23:16 10 Oct 21
Me and my friends had an amazing experience! It was very scary! The actors make up was very realistic and scary! Some actors also came out trued to scare us in line and interact with us, it was amazing! The staff and actors were very good at what they were doing. This is definitely a very good haunted house for those who love a good scare (not for kids and some teens). There are lots of loud noises and flashing lights so be careful. Also, when me and my friends got a little lost they stayed in charterer and pointed us the right way. Also for those going in groups. They only allow groups of 1-6 people to go together. 10/10 would recommend to those looking for a good scare.
15:55 05 Oct 21
I haven’t been to a haunted house since childhood, so this was a lot of fun. The place itself was huge it took my bf and I a full 30 mins to walk the whole house. Coming out of Covid it was nice to see so many actors it seems like hundreds crammed all in there! It was very creative there was so many different rooms to see and explore it felt like it was never ending. I was definitely scared, I screamed a lot and my heart was pounding pretty hard when it was over! I would recommend this one to anyone.
Thomas PiechurThomas Piechur
05:30 19 Oct 20
Best House I've visited in Illinois in 2020Pros:* The indoor waiting was awesome with the red lighting and actors climbing around and banging on the set / doing their best interacting with guests during covid restrictions.* The length of the haunt is great.* Fell for the "coffin loop" a 2nd year in a row and had to go in a circle 2 years in a row.* The set design is great with amazing amounts of detail to where I would want to stop and look at everything.* Some parts loop back to where you see where you came from / are going and is a cool design in a haunted house.* The actors were into their roles and performed them well.* A lot of cool stuff to buy at the end of the haunt.* No animatronics, gets boring seeing similar stuff in different haunts.Hit or Miss:* Costumes were great to "they must of shown up late for face painting"* The group in front should of been thrown out but were not, in line they were crowding the group in front of them, having their kids touch the actors. Caught up to them in the haunt and they kept trying to go backwards getting scared. At some point the father had his cell phone out recording inside the house. The group behind then caught up to so it was three groups exiting at the same time due to this one group...* Depends how busy you might have to wait a bit outside before entry into the indoor waiting.Cons:* Few actors didn't get good timing with their scares. Went through and they have a drop painting and drops late.* Some of the tactics to scare the guests (that should of been kicked out) are funny and for others scary. No need to block the path for a stare down because I laughed at how they were scared.Nitpick:* Needs more Caskets, saw more caskets in a different haunt...The place is worth visiting year after year!

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