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Bryan SmithBryan Smith
03:03 09 Nov 23
We had a group of six, and we had a blast. The puzzle was fun and moderately challenging at times. I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who is into the escape rooms looking for a spooky theme while not being too scary for kids.
Rojin MalekRojin Malek
08:04 07 Nov 23
Favorite haunted house! Throughout the years they change it up, and make it more the thrilling! Must go every year
Jerry CrutcherJerry Crutcher
17:16 05 Nov 23
Eric HendersonEric Henderson
14:22 05 Nov 23
Gary VaughanGary Vaughan
15:01 04 Nov 23
Jasmine GladneyJasmine Gladney
15:22 05 Oct 23
Andrew SternAndrew Stern
02:05 05 Oct 23
charles campbellcharles campbell
01:24 02 Oct 23
Great length and amazing effects! Definitely worth a visit!!
KoonDog YTKoonDog YT
04:38 01 Oct 23
By far the best one I been too!! Keep up the great work and the amazing atmosphere.
mike mcbrienmike mcbrien
01:20 01 Oct 23
This place is awesome. The costumes are great, the decor is great, the actors are great! There are tons of actors, tons if scares. Nothing bad, all good!! Wish I would have had time to do the VIP!!!
Emilio BarillasEmilio Barillas
01:17 01 Aug 23
A must see!
Ricky DoCantoRicky DoCanto
01:05 15 Jul 23
Lot’s of fun and scary moments at the haunted house. The longest 20 minutes of my life..totally recommend it
Christa ZacharyChrista Zachary
16:18 10 Jun 23
Fun Haunt open throughout the year with changing story lines. EXCELLENT acting, beautiful props, skilled make up artists, and super friendly employees. Reasonable pricing.
22:40 01 Apr 23
amazing show! So big and detail d!
J GonzalezJ Gonzalez
03:54 25 Mar 23
Fun times
Bryan EdwardsBryan Edwards
17:31 06 Dec 22
If you remotely like haunted attractions, you need to run not walk yourself over to Plano and visit Dark Hour. My wife and I travel to haunted attractions all over the country and Dark Hour is one of the best we have visited. I look forward to see more shows during the year!!!
Just went this weekend on the 29th and it's the best haunted house yet!!!I've been to five haunted houses in Texas (I actually worked at one before a few years back) and I'm impressed. I'd give them 10 stars if I could.•The aesthetics and effects are awesome! Practically over the top and creative. Some aspects of the haunted house is fear based and others are just outright cool. It's unlike any haunted house I've ever seen.•They have a combination of electronics and actors to give everyone a frightening scare. (They mainly have jumpscare actors, but there's a few that actually put on a performance or switch things up for their act.) Absolutely everything in this haunted house is well thought out and definitely over the top in the best possible way.•Ticket prices are a bit pricey $40-80 budget, but it's definitely worth it!! About 30-40 minute walkthrough if you walk regular slow pace. (In case people wonder why haunted houses are so expensive. Just remember most have many actors to pay and decorations to fix/upgrade over the months.)•Do prepare for long lines especially so close to Halloween as even the speed passers had to wait for a good amount of time. But the wait isn't all that bad as they have music and friendly, but scary actors outside. Eager to take photos with those who deem brave enough.🎃🎃•If there was something I'd change it is maybe the ending to the attraction. As it was a bit anticlimactic compared to the rest. Basically just saw the exit and that was it- none of the usual scary/cool send offs haunted houses give.Thing's I didn't see surprisingly is dolls and chainsaws.(It practically has everything else which is again impressive!)
Joel DillahuntyJoel Dillahunty
05:02 30 Oct 22
Everything about this place is great. The amazing staff, enthusiastic performers, awesome band and clean facilities makes for quality entertainment. One would usually travel to Florida and visit the theme parks to enjoy the professional and quality entertainment. Well done.
Cathy NanniCathy Nanni
09:31 09 Aug 22
My family loves Dark Hour! We’ve never had to wait in a long line, the theming is always so well done. I always scream. I miss having them open year round with seasonal themes but was so grateful they put COVID precautions in place for their customers and employees.I updated this to a 5 star review after attending a behind the scenes tour as part of the Texas Haunters Convention. The passion and pride of the employees for this place was so evident through their enthusiasm on our tour. I was also able to see all the attention to detail that you miss when attending the haunt because they do such a good job scaring you that you’re too distracted to notice all the little things they do to enhance the experience. This place is a gem of a haunt.

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