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miko yeungmiko yeung
04:29 18 Apr 24
Fady SaberFady Saber
15:53 03 Mar 24
13:37 03 Feb 24
Local architecture buffs will always tell you that it was the demolition of the old Chicago Stock Exchange in the 1970s that galvanized the city's preservation movement. But those who carefully preserve the memory of the creators and past of their city will correct it, recalling that in fact it was this historical building that awakened the spirit of conservationists half a century ago.In 1913 the city began modest restorations, and,to clean up the abandoned water tower, city authorities proposed moving it,to make room for the “project”,connecting Michigan Avenue to Lake Shore Drive.That's when the Chicago Historical Society andother conservationists joined forces. And they not only convinced the city to complete rebuilding the water tower, but also got city officials to promise to keep the building open and even reroute Michigan Avenue around it.That's why Michigan Avenue bendseast at Chicago Avenue.Built 1866-1869 by the romantic architect William W. Boyington:And although all the "historical" literature on the water tower indicated its height was 154 feet, in 1994 the National Park Service measured the tower and found that its height to the top of the spire was 182 feet and six inches:« Boyington was influenced by the European architectural writers of the 19th century, and by their depiction of the castellated Gothic style. Illustrated among their engravings was the famous Cloth Merchant’s Hall of Bruges, Belgium. Boyington’s water tower, seen in its theme and concept, bears a likeness to this renowned Gothic tower"The pumping station originally had four engines, one of which was considered the largest engine in the world at the time of construction.It moved 2,750 gallons of water in one stroke.Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, please appreciate those who live near you and keep the memories of the past alive for you!
Roberto R AguiloRoberto R Aguilo
18:08 29 Jan 24
Wojciech ZawadzkiWojciech Zawadzki
00:29 04 Jan 24
Looks astonishing!
13:15 01 Jan 24
It is one of the buildings that survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and is a symbol of Chicago Avenue.
Sharon HemphillSharon Hemphill
03:37 12 Dec 23
22:01 04 Dec 23
Chicago Water Tower is a historic landmark located on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. Built in 1869, this limestone tower is one of the few surviving structures that survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. With its distinctive castle-like appearance, the Chicago Water Tower has become an iconic symbol of resilience and strength in the face of adversity.Designed by architect William W. Boyington, the Water Tower was originally constructed to house a 135-foot tall standpipe, which provided water pressure for the city's rapidly growing population. However, its purpose expanded beyond that of a mere water storage facility. After the fire ravaged the city, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, the Water Tower stood tall amidst the ruins, serving as a beacon of hope for the residents of Chicago.The tower's design is a blend of Gothic Revival and castellated architecture, featuring battlements, turrets, and ornate detailing. Its exterior is adorned with intricate carvings and decorative stone work, showcasing the craftsmanship of the era. The Water Tower's slender profile and elegant proportions make it a true architectural gem.Today, the Chicago Water Tower serves as a gallery space for the City Gallery in the Historic Water Tower.
00:08 07 Nov 23
Good place to visit
Billythebest TBillythebest T
22:10 01 Nov 23
18:28 14 Oct 23
Good place for visit
S A ChasenS A Chasen
18:52 21 Sep 23
Please stop and look at history!
Satyaki MitraSatyaki Mitra
01:33 05 Sep 23
Ella BakkerElla Bakker
11:56 03 Sep 23
Otis B.Otis B.
06:19 04 Aug 23
14:23 24 Jul 23
The symbol for a city determined to rise from its own ashes. -Chicago
Nick NoccoNick Nocco
15:28 18 Jul 23
Didn't go inside but looks nice from the outside.
Ahmet Selcuk CanAhmet Selcuk Can
00:46 09 Jul 23
It is a historic site, don’t miss it. I have not seen such a similar water treatment site in another city. It is located centrally
Su R cSu R c
21:49 04 Jul 23
Chicago water 🌊 tower is a historic Chicago Landmark.WHY IS THIS ICONIC:When the 1871 Chicago fire 🔥 burned the entire city to the grounds razing for 2.5 days , melting even iron rods, this Chicago water tower survived. Though it was damaged,it could be renovated easily.WHY ONE MUST VISIT:1) It is a landmark building2) lt is surrounded by a pretty park where you can relax by a small fountain and may be have some snacks3) It's very close to Magnificent mile. So, visit when you are around4) It's a gorgeous 😍 limestone building5) Delight for history and architecture lovers
Betsy MMBetsy MM
13:27 01 Apr 23
Easy historical site to visit as you explore the beautiful downtown city of Chicago. We had no idea the amazing architecture in this city and The Water Tower is worth meandering by. It is pretty awesome to see such a unique structure made of limestone so long ago that survived the fires.
Bernadette MarkleyBernadette Markley
01:07 02 Jan 23
A Chicago historical landmark. A small sit down park in the heart of the city.. Beautifully kept year round..
Bruce JohnsonBruce Johnson
22:09 06 Sep 22
A Historical Chicago land mark is beautiful to behold.Sometimes street performers may play or sing for you.
小河马 little Hippo小河马 little Hippo
17:43 10 Aug 22
The Old Chicago Water Tower, located just north of Michigan Avenue next to the John Hancock Center, was one of the few buildings that survived the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. Today, the Chicago Water Tower has become a Chicago landmark. The Chicago Water Tower was built in 1869. The material used is large limestone. The entire water tower is quite in the style of 13th-century European Gothic architecture. It looks more like a miniature castle than a water tower. Designed by architect William W. Boyington, the water tower is about 47 meters high and the interior is about 42 meters high.
Frecky LewisFrecky Lewis
17:24 29 Jun 21
Seems odd to "review" a historic landmark like this, but it is a truly iconic fixture in Chicago. It is usually a very busy spot, too, with shoppers, tourists, and commuters filing past in large numbers. But if you can spare a few minutes, take time to look at the structure and appreciate how cool it is and how calmly and proudly it stands in the midst of its busy surroundings.

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