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Tim WildTim Wild
18:35 01 Apr 24
Needs some low hanging fog. You can still see, but lots can hide. It was a lot of fun.
Lexi SeayLexi Seay
07:29 31 Mar 24
My group came for your Easter event. The sets looked great, but having line actors standing two feet from my group smoking and breaking character to talk to fellow actors in normal voices began to ruin the experience immediately. Then you entered into a smoldering hot line inside(multiple groups around us were all complaining) where no actors were seen and half the animatronics were off. Then you finally get to the entrance of the haunt, where we began to finally see some actors. There were few actors throughout the entire haunted house who even moved to interact with groups. A large portion of the haunt had zero lights. It was pitch black so you couldn’t see a single set you’re walking through. Ruined the entire experience. There is no bathroom on site, we were instructed to go to a bar upstairs where we were made to pay for something to even use the restroom after spending a few hundred on tickets for the group. We previously visited your other haunted house, Disturbia, and had a fantastic time. So we gave this one a shot and were extremely disappointed. Not worth the price at all.
Deadly Drk BeautyDeadly Drk Beauty
23:04 22 Feb 24
Awesome experience. Definitely recommend.
Milena maticicMilena maticic
00:59 21 Feb 24
Rifah OdehRifah Odeh
15:59 20 Feb 24
The people are nice but we were disappointed by the Valentine’s Day event at Basement of the Dead. I was excited because I remembered their haunted house during the Halloween season was really fun a few years ago. This event, unfortunately, wasn’t very fun, interesting, scary, or interactive. It was more Easter themed than Valentine’s Day themed and seemed much shorter than their regular haunted house experience. The best part was the rose that lights up that we got to use during the house and keep. We went to the Valentine’s Day haunted house at 13th floor and it was very interactive, fun, and on theme. Please rethink your special events as this felt like more of a cash grab than a well planned event.
Jose FloresJose Flores
02:46 14 Feb 24
pete riesenbeckpete riesenbeck
06:00 11 Feb 24
I went Friday night to the unhappily. Ever after valentine's special haunted house and it was the best one yet. This haunted house always has the best scares and this time they outdid themselves. I try to go to all of their holiday events because this is always the best haunted attraction.
David KrayDavid Kray
13:47 12 Dec 23
The 3D experience was awesome. Too bad this was the last year for it.
goat ladygoat lady
03:33 27 Nov 23
Loved the place went there on October with a friend and it was really fun just hated how they kept scaring me, I mean what did I except 😅 I was really spooked out sense I get scared easily so of course I would expect it, but yes I recommend going! It’s so fun and thrilling! Hope to go next year
Chris RuppenthalChris Ruppenthal
09:08 22 Nov 23
I love this place I been going there for years. They have the best dj and the actor are very creepy and scary and I would back again next year
18:26 20 Nov 23
Glow in the dark clown themed rooms were pretty cool
William BautistaWilliam Bautista
02:51 20 Nov 23
Nedra WashingtonNedra Washington
12:27 11 Nov 23
Betzaida CordovaBetzaida Cordova
22:30 09 Nov 23
Théo LhommeThéo Lhomme
19:15 08 Nov 23
3 stars: we took VIP and it was very fast, you have two houses so it is very good. Sadly, they did not scare me at all.Too expensive for only few minutes of no fear.
Chad RushChad Rush
23:50 07 Nov 23
Horrible!!! Not scary once so ever...heard you through so fast you got other groups up your heels.. we did 3 haunted houses this year and by far this was the worst..
Christian pcanalChristian pcanal
00:01 07 Nov 23
21:22 09 Oct 23
Will say last years was much better & scarier & was hoping to bump into it again this year. But I cannot take away that they have competitive pricing & their haunted house is LONGGGGG! They have a ton of good actors & take time with their display so 5/5 of course! Can’t forget, they let only your party go alone which is why I will always keep coming here unlike other haunted houses that send you with 10 randoms & if your last in line you get to experience nothing
Travis CurtisTravis Curtis
20:23 09 Oct 23
Carrie ProsekCarrie Prosek
03:17 09 Oct 23
By far best haunted house ever! The props, sound effects, characters in the basement and outside in lines are top notch.The atmosphere while waiting in line is so fun and entertaining that my daughters said they actually don't even realize they are waiting in line. We only waited 20 minutes and they said they would of wouldn't of mind being in line longer because it was so fun! Love it!
Maggie JaquesMaggie Jaques
00:40 09 Oct 23
A wonderful haunted house that definitely perfect for October. The line was a bit long, but the live music and characters running around interacting with guests made time fly by. There was a bit of an issue once inside the haunted house with running into groups ahead of you. This ultimately tuned into a line of people being filled into and through the house, which definitely took away from some of the jump scares. The interactive putting on glasses part of the experience made it extra special. I 100 percent recommend going!!!
05:46 08 Oct 23
Fun haunted house for the Halloween season. Good props, all the hanging cords and ropes got a bit annoying but overall a fun time. Spend the extra $$ and buy vip entry, it's worth it. The GA line looked like it was moving at a decent rate but the line was really long.
Bill DBill D
17:14 30 Aug 23
Good beer and Irish food. Great service. We were here around happy hour. Wish they had baby changing tables in the bathroom. Otherwise good experience. Will have to come visit during some live music next time!
Michael GonzalezMichael Gonzalez
19:37 20 Aug 23
Christopher WalshChristopher Walsh
23:18 15 Jun 23
Cody CowanCody Cowan
19:46 18 May 23
Do not come here place is a total rip off the make up artist is horrible. Also, this girl name Samantha that works here is very rude to me whenever I come here.
Julianna TorresJulianna Torres
20:55 06 Mar 23
aliana jabraliana jabr
12:35 31 Oct 22
this place was so much fun for me and my friends to hangout at! the lines were short wich made it even better! when we walked in my friends and i ran away from this person who slid on there's knees wich was super funny! on the inside it definitely had me crying and screaming! 😂. i enjoyed this place a lot but i don't know if i would come back because how scared i was! overall this experience was atleast at 9/10 for me. the clown with the chainsaw had me crying. the rooms are filled with actors and props. those actors will scare you until you scream! i loved there actors the lady one was so nice! there are 2 parts for this haunted basement the actual basement and the 3D basment. the 3D wasn't that fun until i went on the spinny thing! just don't show fear and you'll be good! the first part my friends and i we showed fear and yep they came running to us like there were puppy's flying! they had me jumping ropes funniest and the funnest experience i had that night!
chaddy andrewchaddy andrew
18:26 28 Oct 22
First off, this wasn’t the easiest place to find. I was navigated fairly close to this haunted house, but it’s located behind the street. Luckily, I saw the vehicle with their name on it. Oddly, they sold tickets out of this vehicle. I did manage to find free parking down the road. I purchased General Admission Combo Tickets online for my girlfriend and I. These tickets allowed us to go to Basement of the Dead/Shattered 3D and Disturbia, which is located in Downers Grove. It let us come anytime during open hours and split the days up between the two locations. I paid about $120 for both Combo Tickets. It seemed like a good deal online.The line was very weird. They had us go through a garage-type building to scan our tickets and start our wait. It quickly swerved into a tight corner and then after a bit, they directed us to go to a lower level part of the line down some stairs. The layout was just so bad. They had some actors interact with the line throughout our wait. They eventually threw free items to the line that consisted of shot glasses and T-shirts. I was lucky enough to catch a T-shirt. It was an XL, so that was disappointing, but oh well. It was a cool feature they had. Our wait ended up being about an hour and a half, but I kind of expected it would be, as we went on a Friday.They had us go into a tent-type area with a small group that they formed before directing us into the haunted house. The beginning was definitely odd, since they had us get really low to the ground underneath a tarp-type concoction. There were too any blockages of people here. They may have rushed to send people in. It didn’t take too long to walk through this house. I wasn’t too into this house. Nothing really stood out here.Right after we exited the Basement of the Dead Haunted House, we went to Shattered 3D. It’s basically a few steps away after you exit. We were handed 3D glasses for this attraction. There wasn’t really a wait for this one. I liked the theme here better. This place was a lot more vibrant. The scare actors seemed to be more interactive in here. They had some cool floor features in here. The glasses made me feel more involved with the attraction opposed to the first. It was around the same time to walk this attraction.Overall, this haunt was pretty bad. The vibe it gave me while I waited wasn’t spooky. If they didn’t have Shattered 3D, I would have gave them a one star for sure. I feel they could do a lot better, but at a different location.Date of visit: 10/21/2022
Tina KimbroughTina Kimbrough
01:08 20 Oct 22
The Kimbrough Krew & Friends went to Basement of the Dead Wicked Wednesday special event. It was a blast! Be prepared to scream! Tons of jump scares! The entire staff is very friendly. We will be back again before spooky season is over!
Kyle GriffithKyle Griffith
01:21 10 Oct 22
We've done the Haunts at every major themepark in the country. We've down haunts in malls and prisons and high rises.This somehow found a way to be the best, scariest, most disorienting haunt We've experienced and we can't wait to do it again!
19:37 01 Oct 19
i give this place 5 stars... i went this past weekend on opening weekend and i got the VIP ticket. which was worth it because the wait in line was not bad for VIP.... the haunted house or basement i should say,,.. its pretty long and when you think its over there is a part two to it.

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