13th Floor Haunted House - Chicago



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23:55 16 Mar 24
Jacky SypniewskiJacky Sypniewski
01:01 04 Mar 24
Noah HillNoah Hill
14:40 19 Feb 24
The two hour wait in the cold was the worst, but once inside there were some good scares. They need to set up a large event tent and space heaters in the future..it’s still winter.
Mikey AndradeMikey Andrade
04:09 19 Feb 24
Justin MayerJustin Mayer
04:04 19 Feb 24
Best Valentine's haunt ever I will choose this one over any other haunt
Chrissilie KleistChrissilie Kleist
04:03 19 Feb 24
As one who works at a haunted house, I can respectfully say this haunted house was amazing. I went during the love bites event, and the storyline was so engaging and had me running in fear. definitely worth the 20$ I spent on tickets and the 10$ for the cute picture they took of us!
Jacob PeacockJacob Peacock
22:12 25 Jan 24
19:30 17 Jan 24
it was alright in october, they force you to go in groups with strangers, kinda throwing off the experience. you also go one time then they text and email you each month about events no matter how many times you opt out lmao
Aaron ShriverAaron Shriver
15:36 04 Jan 24
Took the kids for the Krampus haunted house and will be back so much fun!
Toni SchunkToni Schunk
16:16 28 Dec 23
I absolutely loved the Krampus experience!!
Kristen LewisKristen Lewis
14:52 20 Dec 23
Jennifer MatthewsJennifer Matthews
14:01 19 Dec 23
Had a great time here! Went to the Krampus Haunted Exhibit. There were plenty of scares. Once inside it was about a 15-20 minute walk through. Do yourself a favor and purchase the fast pass. Without it, the wait is easily 2 hours. I almost learned the hard way. Thank goodness I was able to correct my mistake. I had no idea there would be such a long wait without the skip the line pass. Other than that, they are very organized. Parking on premises is $20. Try to get parking in front of the building near the restaurants where it is free. It's worth it if you won't be there for long.
Kevin MersereauKevin Mersereau
21:10 14 Dec 23
Meesha AwanMeesha Awan
17:28 11 Dec 23
Great haunted house. Horrible actors. One of them stuck his finger up my friends nose, one stepped on my and scuffed my shoes, the other knocked into my friend spilling her hot chocolate all over her and lastly the skater character hit my friend and left a cut on his forehead. When I complained on site they said to contact 13th Floor online. When I did they said they can't do anything not even offer a refund to the friend who got spilled on and the other friend who got hurt. Very pathetic.
Trinity JonesTrinity Jones
04:10 20 Nov 23
Femi SulymanFemi Sulyman
15:25 19 Nov 23
My 14yr old daughter got so scared she wanted to It to end immediately. I guess it did what it was suppose to lol.
J HolderJ Holder
07:42 16 Nov 23
They managed to give me a tiny scare. Other customers were terrified. Overall, it was a good time, and I'll definitely go back.
Susan RenteriaSusan Renteria
05:20 15 Nov 23
Good fun. The actors and set up were great. We had a small group but were forced to go with others, which I prefer not to do. A little pricey. But everything is these days.
Bill HerrmannBill Herrmann
23:07 14 Nov 23
I thought the black out would be more scarier It was more bumping into walls if anything.And people in front of us
Aaliyah McfaddenAaliyah Mcfadden
06:53 25 Oct 23
It was terrible. Waited 2 hours in line in the cold for a 20 minute RUSHED walk through. IT WAS NOT SCARY. Good for little kids but barely that.
Unknown UsernameUnknown Username
05:10 25 Oct 23
No scary at all what a waste of time it only took 15 minutes to walk threw probably would have been faster if we weren’t stuck behind 25 people in the haunt. DONT ATTEND
Domenico GalloDomenico Gallo
02:25 25 Oct 23
iyanah hoskinsiyanah hoskins
02:22 25 Oct 23
super scary, recommend 10/10. Actors do a great job at their role
Anailee MezaAnailee Meza
20:03 23 Oct 23
Our first time here and was not as scary as I thought it would be. The hype is not worth it! When we arrived we were told by security that everyone has to wait in the same line for security no matter the ticket you bought...we waited at least 15-20 mins in line until a staff made an announcement that if we had fast pass then we could go ahead of the others!!!!! Omg 😠 we waited all that time when we could of went in front of everyone else (general admission). Once we went ahead the line went very quick . The event takes places inside a warehouse and half of the "scary pop ups" are people in costumes that didn't even sound like they were trying to scare you and the other half were just electronics. We paid $110 for something too short and not as scary. Wouldn't recommend coming if you're looking to really get super scared. Parking is $20 if you can't find parking elsewhere.We bought the fast pass tickets.
Ismael GomezIsmael Gomez
09:21 24 Sep 23
Dee MadnessDee Madness
03:11 24 Sep 23
Today was my second time coming since 2019. The props and setup were actually great. The actors could’ve done a much better job at scarring ppl. That lil simple “Rrraahhh” isn’t going to cut it! Then there were these two groups ahead of us that really caused our scares to diminish. They were literally walking SLOW af causing a back up.Also, if you buy a skip the line pass, it’s ONLY for skipping the line OUTSIDE. Once you’re inside, you take a picture, then wait in, yet, another line where rules are given to you. A rule that should be added is to continue walking so you won’t cause a back up!
Beth PintoBeth Pinto
02:23 24 Sep 23
Awesome experience!
Abby PetersonAbby Peterson
02:22 24 Sep 23
Sean ¿Sean ¿
01:59 24 Sep 23
Little to no parking,Entrance and paid parking in the back left for $20.Great haunted house with a lot of actors as opposed to just animatronics.Takes about 20 minutes to walk through the entire attraction.Would definitely recommend!!
Adrian D ValderramaAdrian D Valderrama
20:42 29 May 23
Was ok. Took my GF for the love bites event. Was not st V themed. Did not trigger the flight or flight rush but the party in front of us kind of warned us with their screams. Maybe go first if you want that thrill. The props were great and actors did a great job.
Attended Joliet Haunted Prison this weekend. This hands down is the best 13th Floor event for me so far! I can't imagine how great this would be in season with more actors and added tricks. Great job!
21:17 12 Mar 23
Randy BachmannRandy Bachmann
14:52 26 Feb 23
Antonio JohnsonAntonio Johnson
16:49 25 Feb 23
Mindy OlsenMindy Olsen
01:25 20 Feb 23
What a unique and fun way to spend Valentine's! The haunt was top notch, actors were great, and the nod to Chicago in the venue logo was very cool. VIP passes were worth every extra cent paid for them and the escape rooms were a blast.Would highly recommend for a fun night out!!!
Natalie AltenburgNatalie Altenburg
21:08 18 Feb 23
Do you like waiting outside in a line for an hour and a half in less than 20 degree weather to the point where your legs are shaking so much that you can’t stand up and your feet are painfully numb? If so, this is the place for you! While the actual haunted house was great, it was not worth the near hypothermia. I understand waiting in line for a short while, but, when I went last night, it was abhorrently cold and windy and the entire hour and a half long wait was outside. Either management should set up an indoor and/or heated waiting area or they should significantly shorten the wait/give a disclaimer about how long the wait is and to dress in a minimum of 3 layers. Again, the actual haunted house was good, but management really blew it, consequently ruining the whole experience.
06:07 01 Dec 22
It was decent, we had fun. They had snacks, drinks, and actors in costume to make the long lines more enjoyable!The worse part being one of our group got her car towed! They basically sell out every night (esp. around Halloween) and if ALL those people drive cars, there's very little available parking. They should really figure this out, it doesn't seem like a new complaint from what I've heard.
Dee DeeDee Dee
18:59 10 Nov 22
The Blackout event was fun! There were some stretches that were a bit long with just total darkness but I guess it adds to the suspense. The wait time was long so paying extra to skip the line might actually be worth it. Parking was not fun though. For $20 parking, I rather spend a few extra minutes looking for a spot a block or 2 away.
04:57 28 Oct 22
Packed house on a Saturday night - quoted wait was 2+ hours. Worth the $10 to FastPass forward to a 15min wait.Overall, a very detailed house that exceeded expectations. Groups should be staggered/gapped more to reset scenes but with a busy night I understand. Would return!

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